Christmas Jokes – Jingle Bells


Jingle bells, Shopping bells, jingle all the way,

Oh, what fun it is to go shopping everyday.

Candy store, five and ten, sports shop after that,

Toys for all the kiddies and don’t forget the cat.

Dashing thru the crowds, people everywhere,

Up and down the aisles, sneezing in my hair.

There’s so much to choose, there’s so much to see.

Wonder if what I got you cost more’n what you got me.


Shopping Bells, Jingle Bells, will they never stop,

I’ve been shopping all week long and I’m about to drop.

Ring them bells somewhere else far away from here,

Ain’t it really lucky Christmas comes but once a year?


Wrap your presents nice, Pretty bows that shine,

Take them out to mail, You’re gonna wait in line.

Find your way back home, and if you’re like me,

Maybe on the twenty-fourth, You’ll get to trim the tree.


Jingle Bells, Shopping Bells, Jingle dear Saint Nick,

Got a hundred envelopes I’m gonna have to lick, “yick”

Shopping Bells, Jingle Bells, my fingers all have cramps,

And to really top it off, I just ran out of stamps.


Jingle Bells, Shopping Bells, ringing in my ear,

I’ll be broke ’till Easter time just like I was last year.

Shopping Bells, Jingle Bells, a few more days and then,

When I see the children smile, I’ll do it all again.



  1. 1
    nida Says:

    i luv this song it is perfect for my song project that our teacher told us to yeah u guys thnx who ever wrote it!

  2. 2
    nida Says:

    i luv this song thnx

  3. 3
    nida Says:

    first one to comment yeah!

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