Christmas Jokes – A Tale of Two Christmases

A Tale of Two Christmases
by Jim Smith
      It is the worst of times. It is the best of times.
      The Christmas you have depends upon you.
      May you be blessed to follow the Light and choose the right.
      A Christmas Poem

      C is for Credit Cards that make buying a breeze.
      H is for your Headache when your cards are seized.
      R is for Remembering everyone on your list.
      I is for feeling Insulted when your gifts are dissed.
      S is for feeling Stressed when you’re on the fly.
      T is for the Truckloads of presents that you buy.
      M is for your Massive debt that soars into the sky.
      A is for the Awful feeling that you’ve gone astray.
      S is for your Sorrow and the tears you’ll shed today.
      The True Christmas Poem

      C is for the Christ child lying in a manager.
      H is for the Holy One who saved us all from danger.
      R is to Remember Him who died that we may live.
      I is to Inspire us that we may always give.
      S is for joyful Songs and sacred hymns that praise.
      T is to Thank the Lord for showing us the way.
      M is for the Miracles that bless us each day.
      A is for the Almighty who always puts us first.
      S is for the Shepherd who guides us on earth.


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